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Indian,Bridel,Bridel Salted Butter 500g

Bridel Salted Butter 500g

Product Code:493011
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Soft,cheese,Fondue Swiss 400g

Fondue Swiss 400g

Product Code:491081
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Chicken Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Chicken Sausages SKINLESS-300g

Tanny's Chicken Sausages SKINLESS-300g

These are robust and full of flavour and explode with juice and taste when you bite into them. Slice into pizzas, sandwiches or as an accompaniment to eggs and cheese.
Product Code:522039
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Bakery Products,Kings Delight,Baker's Heaven Puff Pastry Sheet 500g

Baker's Heaven Puff Pastry Sheet 500g

Baker's Heaven Puff Pastry Sheet makes it simple to whip up sweet or savoury creations whenever the creative inspiration strikes.
Product Code:511010
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Exotic Seafood,Bigsam's,Bigsam's  Scallops 250g

Bigsam's Scallops 250g

Product Code:571021
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Raw Juice,Raw Pressery,Raw Pressery Pomegranate 250ml

Raw Pressery Pomegranate 250ml

Product Code:382010
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Imported,London Dairy,London Dairy Vanilla 1 Ltr

London Dairy Vanilla 1 Ltr

A fresh fragrant vanilla ice-cream that tempts you! One of the most popular flavours, you can top it up with a wide variety of sauces, syrups or even add a scoop onto your milkshake.
Product Code:595039
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Retail,McCain,McCain Veggie Fingers 1 kg

McCain Veggie Fingers 1 kg

Veggies are great fun to eat when they are McCain Veggie Fingers! A colourful combo of corn, carrot and peas.
Product Code:583011
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