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Bulk,McCain,McCain Aloo Tikki 1.5kg

McCain Aloo Tikki 1.5kg

Bite into a delicious and flavourful potato snack! Serve it hot by itself, with bread or rice. Kids just love it.
Product Code:583015
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Imported,London Dairy,London Dairy Double Chocolate 1000ml

London Dairy Double Chocolate 1000ml

Delicious double chocolate ice-cream with sensational chocolate flakes will have the chocoholic in you raving! Rich and royal, this is the perfect treat to pamper yourself with or serve at a party.
Product Code:595020
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Retail,Sumeru,Sumeru Flaky Paratha Plain 400g

Sumeru Flaky Paratha Plain 400g

This flaky Indian specialty bread melts in your mouth and is the perfect companion for hot gravies and curries. It's so easy to make, all you do is heat and eat!
Product Code:585032
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Chicken Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Chicken Bockwurst 350g

Tanny's Chicken Bockwurst 350g

Indulge in Tanny's Chicken Bockwurst, a hearty sausage flavoured with delectable herbs and spices. Serve with bread, eggs and cheese or try it alone.
Product Code:
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Processed,Chevon,Chevon Goat Meat Moroccan Spicy Sausage 250g

Chevon Goat Meat Moroccan Spicy Sausage 250g

Product Code:532014
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Processed,Bigsam's,Bigsam's Shrimps Large 300g

Bigsam's Shrimps Large 300g

Product Code:542006
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Raw Chicken,Tannys,Tanny's Country Chicken (Free Range)500g

Tanny's Country Chicken (Free Range)500g

Product Code:521016
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Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Pork Back Bacon 150g

Tanny's Pork Back Bacon 150g

Liven up your day with this hearty British delicacy! This tastes great in a sandwich or as an accompaniment to eggs and cheese.
Product Code:562065
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    Turkey, Duck & Other Meats,Indian Exotic,Tanny's Turkey Indian 2.5 to 3Kg

    Tanny's Turkey Indian 2.5 to 3Kg

    Indian Turkey is rich, delicious and flavourful. Whether you want to stuff it, grill it or experiment with different cuisine styles, you'll find it tastes awesome.Rate should be Calculate as per the weight
    Product Code:571007
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    Processed,Cambay Tiger,Cambay Tiger Fish Pakodas 200g

    Cambay Tiger Fish Pakodas 200g

    Product Code:542012
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    Processed Exotic,Cambay Tiger,Cambay Tiger Premium Chilli Basil Basa Fish 200g

    Cambay Tiger Premium Chilli Basil Basa Fish 200g

    Product Code:572011
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    Retail,Frish,Frish Jalapeno Cheese Pocket 240g

    Frish Jalapeno Cheese Pocket 240g

    Product Code:583074
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    Retail,kawan,Kawan Onion Paratha 325g

    Kawan Onion Paratha 325g

    Product Code:585038
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    Bulk,HyFun Foods,HyFun Hash Brown 1.5kg

    HyFun Hash Brown 1.5kg

    Product Code:583059
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    Chicken Processed,CP Chicken,CP Crispy Chicken Popcorn 150g

    CP Crispy Chicken Popcorn 150g

    Product Code:522090
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    Hard,Ile De France,Ile De France Goat Cheese 190g

    Ile De France Goat Cheese 190g

    This British gourmet cheese is made from fresh goat's milk. Prepared using a traditional recipe, it has the unfailing mild and mellow taste you'll love!
    Product Code:491079
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