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    Chicken Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Chicken Sausages Skinless 500g

    Tanny's Chicken Sausages Skinless 500g

    These are robust and full of flavour and explode with juice and taste when you bite into them. Slice into pizzas, sandwiches or as an accompaniment to eggs and cheese.
    Product Code:522085
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    Bakery Products,TYJ,TYJ Spring roll sheet  190 mm - 550g

    TYJ Spring roll sheet 190 mm - 550g

    TVJ Spring Roll sheets are versatile sheets that can be used to craft anything from a samosa wrap to a spring roll. The sturdy wrap holds your stuffing perfectly in place and tastes delicious.
    Product Code:511003
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    Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Pork Frank Sausages 250g

    Tanny's Pork Frank Sausages 250g

    Product Code:562066
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    Bulk,HyFun Foods,HyFun Mychoice 6mm French Fries 2.5kg

    HyFun Mychoice 6mm French Fries 2.5kg

    Enjoy the extra crisp and extra delicious taste sensation! Enjoy with a dash of salt or with burgers and sandwiches
    Product Code:583064
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    Bakery Products,Tannys,Tanny's Puff Pastry Sheets 400g

    Tanny's Puff Pastry Sheets 400g

    Frozen uncooked puff pastry sheets.Suitable for vegetarians
    Product Code:511015
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    Processed Exotic,Bigsam's,Bigsam's Smoked Salmon 100g

    Bigsam's Smoked Salmon 100g

    Product Code:572009
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    Raw Juice,Raw Pressery,Raw Pressery Sugarcane 250ml

    Raw Pressery Sugarcane 250ml

    Product Code:382012
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    Soft,Imported Cheese,Cream Cheese 200g

    Cream Cheese 200g

    Let your tastebuds sink into rich full cream cheese, fresh tasting with a wonderful spread. Use it in sandwiches, sauces or on crackers.
    Product Code:491025
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    Featured products

      Flavoured,Epigamia Greek Yougurt,Epigamia Greek Yougurt-Alphonsa Mango 90g

      Epigamia Greek Yougurt-Alphonsa Mango 90g

      Product Code:492006
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      Processed Beef,Tannys,Tanny's  Beef Burger Patty 400g

      Tanny's Beef Burger Patty 400g

      Want to dig into a juicy beef burger? Corecco Beef Burger Patty is made from quality buffalo meat and has an intense flavour and taste.
      Product Code:552003
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      Raw Pork,M.P.I,MPI Pork Chops 1000g

      MPI Pork Chops 1000g

      Product Code:561004
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      Soft,Gerard,Bonjour Camembert Cheese 125g

      Bonjour Camembert Cheese 125g

      This fine cheese from Denmark is slightly tangy and creamy! Pairs well with vegetables, nuts, bread, syrup and white wine.(*Brands may vary)
      Product Code:491078
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      Bakery Products,Tannys,Tanny's French Bagutte 360g

      Tanny's French Bagutte 360g

      Product Code:511014
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      Retail,McCain,McCain Jalapeno Samosa 540gm

      McCain Jalapeno Samosa 540gm

      Product Code:583081
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      Processed,Tannys,Tanny's S.C. Ham 1kg

      Tanny's S.C. Ham 1kg

      Relish this delightful cut of pork ham that comes from the hind leg. This tasty cut can used in sandwiches, egg dishes, soups, salads, and casseroles.
      Product Code:562025
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      Chicken Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Chicken Chorizo 250g

      Tanny's Chicken Chorizo 250g

      Product Code:522105
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