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    Chicken Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Chicken Sausages Skinless 500g

    Tanny's Chicken Sausages Skinless 500g

    These are robust and full of flavour and explode with juice and taste when you bite into them. Slice into pizzas, sandwiches or as an accompaniment to eggs and cheese.
    Product Code:522085
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    Exotic Seafood,Bigsam's,Bigsam's  Basa Chunks 250g

    Bigsam's Basa Chunks 250g

    Product Code:571020
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    Bakery Products,TYJ,TYJ Spring roll sheet  190 mm - 550g

    TYJ Spring roll sheet 190 mm - 550g

    TVJ Spring Roll sheets are versatile sheets that can be used to craft anything from a samosa wrap to a spring roll. The sturdy wrap holds your stuffing perfectly in place and tastes delicious.
    Product Code:511003
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    Bulk,McCain,Mccain Masala Fries 1.5kg

    Mccain Masala Fries 1.5kg

    This hot favourite is a spicy delight that can be enjoyed any time! Serve hot with ketchup or as a side to burgers, sandwiches and veggies or meat.
    Product Code:583021
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    Bulk,McCain,McCainVeggie Burger Patty 1.20kg

    McCainVeggie Burger Patty 1.20kg

    Relish the exciting taste of a fine blend of fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes, lightly seasoned with spices. A great snack anytime.
    Product Code:583025
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    Raw Juice,Raw Pressery,Raw Pressery Pomegranate 250ml

    Raw Pressery Pomegranate 250ml

    Product Code:382010
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    Raw Seafood,Bigsam's,Bigsam's  Tilapia Fillets 250g

    Bigsam's Tilapia Fillets 250g

    Product Code:541021
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    Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Pork Frank Sausages 250g

    Tanny's Pork Frank Sausages 250g

    Product Code:562066
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    Featured products

      Raw Beef,Tannys,Tanny's  Beef Burger Patty 400g

      Tanny's Beef Burger Patty 400g

      Want to dig into a juicy beef burger? Corecco Beef Burger Patty is made from quality buffalo meat and has an intense flavour and taste.
      Product Code:551009
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      Turkey, Duck & Other Meats,Indian Exotic,Tanny's Turkey Indian 2.5 to 3Kg

      Tanny's Turkey Indian 2.5 to 3Kg

      Indian Turkey is rich, delicious and flavourful. Whether you want to stuff it, grill it or experiment with different cuisine styles, you'll find it tastes awesome.Rate should be Calculate as per the weight
      Product Code:571007
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      Non Dairy,Rich's,Rich’s Whip Topping Cream (Gold) 1kg

      Rich’s Whip Topping Cream (Gold) 1kg

      Cherish the golden moments in life! Pep up your cakes, pastries, desserts and beverages by topping them with this luscious Whip Topping Cream. Definitely the gold standard of taste and performance.
      Product Code:512001
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      Bakery Products,Tannys,Tanny's Croissant Margarine 360g

      Tanny's Croissant Margarine 360g

      Product Code:511012
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      Chicken Processed,Tannys,Tanny's Chicken Chorizo 250g

      Tanny's Chicken Chorizo 250g

      Product Code:522105
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      Indian,Truly Scrumptious,Truly Scrumptious My Fair Lady 500ml

      Truly Scrumptious My Fair Lady 500ml

      My Fair Lady - Old Fashioned Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
      Product Code:595072
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      Raw Pork,Tannys,Tanny's Pork Cubes 500g

      Tanny's Pork Cubes 500g

      Product Code:561007
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      Processed,Tannys,Tanny's S.C. Ham 1kg

      Tanny's S.C. Ham 1kg

      Relish this delightful cut of pork ham that comes from the hind leg. This tasty cut can used in sandwiches, egg dishes, soups, salads, and casseroles.
      Product Code:562025
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